Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top of My Wish List

I have had the same wire eyeglasses for the past ten years. I know I've needed to upgrade for quite some time but when my Optometrist said my prescription has not changed over the years, I didn't see a need to buy new frames. I've taken great care of the ones I already have. That is until I saw these:

EEK! These Francis Klein Eyewear frames are fabulous and totally appeal to the naughty librarian in me. I'm actually returning to school in the fall to get my masters in library sciences and these would be great to start off the semester.

BUT these seem to only be sold in their boutique in France. Last I checked I wasn't planning any trips abroad in the near future.  And since I cannot find a price on these, that usually means theses are way out of my budget. Boo. Tears. Sadness.

So if anyone knows of 1. where I can find these in the states, 2. know of any affordable versions of these, please contact me ASAP. My vision will thank you for it.


  1. Yes! You can get them at "The Eye Man" on Broadway in NYC. I bought mine there. If they don'y have that particular color or frame you can have him get it for you.

  2. Also, Eye Spy in Chicago. Any style in any color FK makes.