Thursday, July 7, 2011

Items I used up during the month of June

We always see people blog about their hauls, but what about the stuff that we actually use up? I got inspired by 15stepsblog.  She started blogging about this and I thought it was genius. I do have to warn you. I used to work at Bath and Body Works years ago and I still have boxes of items that had been retired due to repackaging. I'm trying my hardest to work through them before I buy more BBW merch. Here are the items I've used up this month in no specific order:

1. Two Faced Lash Injection Mascara
Pros- It was very thickening and really gave my lashes a lot of length. The brush was very thick and large.
Cons-  I don't know if I just got unlucky and picked out an old tube, but the formula was very dry and it stopped working about two weeks in.
Will I purchase this again? No, there are too many mascaras out there that I would like to try before returning to this one.
What I'm replacing it with- Clinique's High Impact Mascara

2. Bath & Body Works The Perfect Autumn Pear Shower Gel
Pros- I LOOOOOVE this scent. When it first came out (2006) I stocked up on the lotion, shower gel, and all the scent ports and candles that I could find in this scent. Sadly, this is my last of my Autumn Pear collection. The bottle says it has scents of Asian pear, melted caramel, warm spices, and ground vanilla bean. BBW, please bring this back! Pretty pretty please!
Cons- Sadly discontinued.
Will I purchase this again? No, it's been discontinued.
What I'm replacing it with- Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut

3. One 'N Only Aragan Oil Restorative Mask
Pros- I didn't really like this when I first used it. But as I continued to use it, I noticed my hair was much more manageable, shiny, and was no longer dry. I use hair masks in lieu of conditioner and this is just great.
Cons- Wasn't to keen on the scent, but it's not unbearable. And its worth the results.
Will I purchase this again? YES!!

4. C.O. Bigelow Restorative Hair Mask
Pros- I loved that this one came in a travel size.
Cons- I didn't see the difference between this and any other regular conditioner. I was hoping it would have similar results to Fekkai's Glossing Conditioner since it says it contains Olive Oil and honey extract. Sadly, it does not compare.
Will I purchase this again?  No, not worth the price.

5. Marlies Moller Hair Tip Care Hair Mask
Pros- I could definitely see that my hair was much stronger than usual with this. I also couldn't find any split ends while I was using this. Coincidence?
Cons- The packaging has this hair mask in a tub that comes with a spatula for scooping out. I didn't like that mostly because water would seep into the packaging while I was trying to apply to my hair. I also wasn't crazy about this scent either. Even my boyfriend didn't like the way it smelled. Bad deal.
Will I purchase this again? No, the smell really bothered me.

6. Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask
Pros- This really hydrated my hair the first time I used it. I loved the way it smelled and even left my hands really soft.
Cons- After a while, I noticed I was getting major build up in my hair. That may be because I use this more as a conditioner rather than a typical hair mask.
Will I purchase this again? Yes, but not right away. And I will use it as it is intended to be used next time.
What I'm replacing ALL of the hair masks with? Another tube of One 'N Only Aragan Oil Restorative Mask!

7. Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shea Butter Like Butter Shower Cream
Pros- I used this as a shaving cream instead of a shower cream. I shave my legs and then go back over it with more product before I rinse off. It was more hydrating on your body than your typical shaving cream. I even liked this better than the True Blue Spa shaving cream that they have in their line. 
Cons- Didn't like the bottle. Although it is a good sized bottle, it was really hard to squeeze the product out.
Will I purchase this again? Yes, but not right away. I have many more shower creams and shaving creams to go through before I need to buy another one.
What I'm replacing it with- Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Be More Pacific with Monoi Oil Shower Cream.

Things I'm tossing because I just didn't like them:
1. CND Solar Balm - I picked this up at Ulta in the clearance section for $0.99. Ugh, deeply disappointed. I thought this would be slightly reminiscent of  Solar Oil. It was not. It had that gross smell that tells you it had turned bad. And when I put it on my cuticles it was just a greasefest. Nasty.

2. ELF Cream Eyeliner - This is another item that might have been old (I have the worst luck apparently). It was hard to pick up with my eyeliner brush and was just not smooth in applying. In the trash bin it went.

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