Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Favorite Nail Artist - Sophy Robson

I was super excited a couple days ago when I opened my email from Sephora announcing the lastest fashion trend - NAIL ART. And to my surprise my favorite nail artist Sophy Robson had curated some designs for Sephora.

I've been following Sophy's blog for quite some time now and she was the one who really opened up my mind to this cult art. Check out her designs in the video's below (I love her simple white nails in the videos. I think I might have to paint mine the same color.). And you'll see in the Distressed Metal tutorial that Sephora is coming out with their own line of crackles. Surprise Surprise.

Which nail art look will you be trying?

Cherry Blossom Tutorial:

Wild Giraffe Tutorial:

Punk Cheetah Tutorial:

Distressed Metal Tutorial:

Glitterati Tutorial:


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