Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orly Pin-Up Collection

Look at what I spied with my little cosmetic obsessed eye at Ulta yesterday:

The new Orly Pin-Up Collection!
(From Right to Left): Va Va Voom, Here Comes Trouble, Coquette Cute, Bubbly Bombshell.

I don't even feel comfortable calling it a collection since there are only four colors. Maybe "Selection" would be a more appropriate word. 

I absolutely love Orly as a brand. The formula, the volume of polish for the price, and that awesome handy dandy rubberized brush holder. That being said, these colors look very lovely and complimentary when grouped like this. BUT I feel like both Va Va Voom (hot neon pink) and Coquette Cute (neon coral) are not very new as far as colors go. I feel like you can find dupes of these colors in other collections. But if you have nothing in your collection like these colors, get them! They are so great for summer.

I WILL be purchasing Here Comes Trouble (green glitter) and Bubbly Bombshell (magenta/violet glitter). I have a new found respect for glitter now that I find myself on the cusp of 30 (EEK!) and I fell in love with Bubbly Bombshell. Its such a beautiful color of magenta/violet.

I wish I could show you some swatches but sadly I didn't purchase any. They were not on sale and as you might have guessed, I will not purchase anything at regular price.

Has anyone else purchased the colors? How do you like them? Let me know.

PS: Sorry about the tiny pic. I couldn't seem to enlarge it.

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