Monday, April 25, 2011

Chanel Dupes by Revlon

I have a love/hate relationship with Revlon cosmetics. It's always a hit-n-miss situation with me and their nail polishes. The formula is either goopy or bubbly and then turn around and be the most perfect nail polish ever. The one thing they are really consistent with is their massive collection of colors and are always on trend with higher end collections.

Chanel Le Vernis Black Pearl VS. Revlon Black With Envy:

Black Pearl is from the Spring 2011 collection. Which one is Chanel? Which one is Revlon? Hint: Chanel leans slightly green (slight green duochrome?) and Black with Envy is more more gray. Answers at the end of this post.

Chanel Le Vernis Mimosa VS. Revlon Electric:

Mimosa is from their Summer 2011 collection.  Can you tell the difference? Both are beautiful sunshine, lemony yellows with very fine gold micro glitter.

Answers (from left to right):
Black Pearl Vs. Black with Envy - Black with Envy on left, Black Pearl on right
Mimosa Vs. Electric- Mimosa on first finger and ring finger, Electric on second finger and pinky.

So if you love Chanel nail polish but not the $25.00 Chanel price, then check out these Revlon options (average $6). Even with Revlon's inconsistent formulas, at a saving of about $19 a pop, I'll continue to lacquer my nails with these lovelies.

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