Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bon Voyage, Old Nail Polishes!

I have yet to receive my shipment from Zoya from their Nail Exchange Promotion. I just checked the status on my order and it's on BACKORDER. Boo! But that's what I get for waiting until the last day to place my order. In the meantime, I've been going through my nail polish collection (roughly over 230?) and I've been able to weed out 7 bottles (I only ordered 6). I thought I'd post them and have them on my blog before they are forever gone from my home.

From Left to Right: La Rosa - Dover Pink, L.A. Splash - Crimson Tide, Artmatic - Sun Mist Frost, No name - pink frost, no name - red, no name quick dry, Deborah Lippman - Hard Knock Life

I realized when going through my collection that I tend to hang on to some polishes because of sentimental value. Then I watch an episode of Hoarders and I'm over it and tossing things left and right.

 La Rosa - Dover Pink
I got this years ago from my grandma. She said the color reminded her of me. I don't know why it reminded her of me because I was going through my hip-hop chola phase at the time. I only held on to it because my grandma gave it to me and she has since past.

WHY IT HAS TO GO: It's old, chunky, frosty and the color looks disgusting on me! This was the first to go!

L.A. Splash - Crimson Tide
I just got this maybe two weeks ago at Ulta. It was in a clearance bin for $1.99 so I thought "ehh, why not?". In the bottle it looked like a beautiful burgundy jelly with gold glitter. And doesn't the name of the color remind you of Clueless. When Cher is explaining one of her tardies, "Duh, I was totally surfing the crimson wave."

WHY IT HAS TO GO: Its an ugly Burgundy jelly!! This was flat with no depth and the color was just horrible darkness on my nails with a visible nail line. And I do love vampy colors (they are my fave) but this was just ugly. And the beautiful gold glitter didn't translate on my nails like it did in the bottle. Instead they were covered by the ugly darkness and looked chunky on top of the nail. GROSS!

Artmatic - Sun Mist Frost
Aww...now this brings back memories. Does anyone else remember the $1 brand from Walgreens? I painted this on my toes (it looked horrible on my hands) from 8th grade into High School and I would attach silver metallic stars on my big toes. This was one of the only nail polishes that my mom owned. I took it from her before she tossed it away.

WHY IT HAS TO GO: It is over 15 years old. It's chunky, and it's time to move on. But WOW, this bottle photographs well. It looks better in the picture than it does in real life.

No name polishes - Red, and frost pink
These came in a gift set from my aforementioned grandma. Also another reason why I hung on to these.

WHY THEY HAVE TO GO: Frost pink is NOT my color and I feel I have much better quality reds to keep this one. These are about 15 years old also. I only kinda used the red one on my toes. The formula even then was really watery and runny. And after all this time they are STILL watery and runny.

No name Quick Dry
This is yet another one that came in a gift set claiming to be a quick dry topcoat. It was not.

WHY IT HAS TO GO: It took just as long to dry as a normal polish did. And when applied it would drag my nail polish and great smudges and bald spots. I did use it as a clear polish and when my son started developing a wart when he was younger, I used this to get rid of the wart (it worked!).

Deborah Lippman - Vinyl Collection - Hard Knock Life
Deborah Lippman is my all time FAVORITE nail polish brands.  My goal is to one day own every single Deborah Lippman polish.  I don't own too many since they are pricey. The ones I do own I got with my Bath and Body Works discount when I worked there (and when they sold Deborah Lippman).  So to get rid of this brings a tear to my eye.

WHY THIS HAS TO GO: I've had this for six years and it is now 70% dried out. Even if I were to try to use nail polish thinner, the formula would not be the same.

This bad mani, HAS TO GO! The white bubbled, the topcoat made my tip shrink,and then the topcoat bubbled. This is only one day. I didn't even bother to clean up the cuticles. Even my boyfriend didn't like it. I guess it was cute in theory. Sadly, you might see it in a few more posts since I photographed a bunch of stuff today wearing it. Oh well.

I'm shipping off the polishes as soon as I get my order from Zoya. I'm hoping it will be later this week or early next. If any of you want any of these (although I can't imagine why) email me and let me know. First come first serve.

What have/will you trade in?

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